Welcome to our space on the web.  Deane and Heidi (that's me) Holland registered Boromir as a kennel name for our Bull Terriers in 1987.  Boromir being a character from a book I enjoyed as a teenager.  Bull Terriers have become a way of life for us and I spend most of my spare time caring for them, hanging with other 'doggy people' and travelling to dog shows and judging Bull Terriers and the Terrier group at Championship level.  My aim for this website is to show you our own dogs and where they came from, and also give an insight into some of the other Bull Terriers in New Zealand. There is also a comprehensive list of links to other Bull Terrier websites in our links page.
One of our most memorable dogs was 'Lilli' (Edenville Rambling Rose) who we purchased in partnership (co-ownership) with her breeder in 1987.  I have written a memorial to her which I believe illustrates a 'typical' Bull Terrier temperament for anyone interested to know what they are like.  You can read about her by selecting the link to Lilli's story. Lills' was special in so many ways but perhaps what makes her so unforgettable is that we got her when we were young and our children were babies - so we all grew up together.  When she died in 2000 she left such an aching hole in our lives I didn't think any dog could ever fill it.  I was right about that too, but the dogs that came along after her have created their own unique spaces and history in our lives and hearts. That's Lilli on the left with the family in 1989.  And Evan above in 1987.
Sadly we have no dogs that come down from our Lilli - even though she had two lovely daughters.  Our most successful dog to date is Mace (Am/Can/NZ/Aust/Mex/Int Ch Boromir Quicksilver ROM Aust/NZ/US), affectionately know as 'Macester Odie Diddleson Hyphen Holland' (oh come on now - everyone gives their dogs nicknames!!).  He encompasses everything we aim for when we breed - showiness, soundness in mind and body, and the ability to produce quality ROM offspring. Mace went to live in the States now with Carl and Suzanne Pew of Silmaril Kennels. 

Mace's mum 'Brie' was one of our Norwegian imports and moved into the house when Lilli passed away. She gave us an entirely different flavour of house pet and broke our hearts all over again when she died years later. I have stories about her that are insightful of her personality, but first I need to find them again in order to publish them here.  There are several other dogs that I rate 'almost' up there breed-wise with Mace, but I'll leave it up to you to see which ones you like. 


We have imported 17 plus dogs into New Zealand, either on our own or in partnership with other Bull Terrier Breeders.  These have come from Australia, England and Norway.  Not all of them were bred from.  Others were integrated into the breeding program (read 'melting pot') to help produce the Boromir dogs as well as puppies for other kennels.  There is a page featuring most of them - all the dog pictures and info are accessed by clicking on the 'Our Dogs' link.  We have recently got involved with the Miniature Bull Terriers and several of those can be seen in the 'Our dogs' section of this website.

Because they are only show dogs for a small amount of time and a pet the majority of the time, our aim is to produce Bull Terriers that are sound both in mind and body.   We also want them to resemble the official breed standard as closely as possible.  The picture above right is of Brie, Thor and Puffin enjoying a walk with the family at the local beach.  And Evan is having a tranquil moment with Astra on the left.

The ultimate achievement for a Bull Terrier is the 'Recognition of Merit' award - this means a dog has to do consistently well under Bull Terrier 'specialist' judges.  We have included a page for our ROM recipients and an explanation of the award.  You can find these guys on the ROM page. Although we take our dogs under all-breed judges to get their championship titles, it is the Bull Terrier club shows with their specialist judges that are the most exciting for us, and of course this is where we really like to do well.

We work closely with several breeders in New Zealand and have a close association with several kennels in NZ. A result of these arrangements are some great friends both here and overseas. 

Most of the 'posed' shots in this web were taken by Deane or I. The ringside and fun shots have come from myriad sources including our pet owners.  My thanks to you all, I love these 'natural' pics so much - keep them coming!! That's Aidan and Thora to the right on Christmas day 2005.

I hold my Terrier Group judging license at Championship level.  Judging has been a rewarding journey so far and taken me many places. I have judged Bull Terrier Specialties in Australia, Sweden, America and Holland. I am approved to award ROM points by the National Bull Terrier Council in Australia, the Bull Terrier Club of America adn the NZROM.

The breed club is The North Island Bull Terrier Club.  Deane and I joined in 1986 when it was still known as the Auckland Bull Terrier Club.  We have served in various capacities over the years including President, Secretary, Editor, Show Secretary and committee member. I was made a life member in 2007.   There is also a Bull Terrier Club in the South Island - the Canterbury Bull Terrier Club. 

Every breed has some health issues to be aware of. Fortunately the Bull Terrier is generally a hardy breed as long as some checks are kept in place before any of them are bred from.   You can read about our testing program by selecting the link entitled 'Health'.

Deane is seldom seen at shows these days, but is still very much an active partner in breeding decisions and caring for the dogs at home.  He is a brilliant dog handler and sometimes I can bribe him to help me at the bully shows.  The rest of his spare time revolves around his motorbikes.

Any introduction to the Hollands wouldn't be complete without mentioning our children... they are our brightest 'stars' and we are very proud of them.  I can safely say nothing comes close to the way you feel about your kids.  Even though through the years they could be heard proclaiming 'Mum, you love those  dogs more than you love us!' and were absolutely disgusted to have to help monitor 'doggy sex' at times, they do love the dogs. 

Aidan has followed his dad's footsteps and is an accomplished tattoo artist, and Evan is a tradesman engineer.  It's not really the same for them now that the dogs they grew up with have passed on... no Lilli, Sledge, Thora or Brie, but they always make time to talk and play with the resident bullies when they visit.  They are the children in the pictures on this page - starting from 1986. There are more pictures sprinkled through the website of these guys interacting with various dogs and pups over the years. Thank goodness for cameras!  Meantime here's a pic of the four of us taken in the garden in early 2007. Ian Laurie was the photographer.

Both of our babies have had babies :) Now we have two adorable granddaughters, and we're fortunate that both of our boy's partners think the bullies are OK! 

Please enjoy your visit and let me know if there is any way I can make these pages easier to navigate, or if you find any errors or links that go nowhere ~ Hyde